Friday, February 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2010!

I really thought that this time I didn't mess up until I kept adding pictures and now everything out of order etc. Have fun with the randomness of our Blog! Always an adventure!

What a Great Year! Yes, I know it's almost March but give a girl a break!!
Just a few pics of Christmas etc. before we begin 2011!

Christmas Morning! New Robes, Pj's and slippers!
Jam session with the new guitars!
Jada trying to ride her new horse... so silly

One of the houses from Dove ct.

New Family Tradition with the Cousins.... A Nativity! The kids had so much fun! Thanks Fapula family for the costumes etc. etc.
Christian was the sheep...I thought this was a better picture. oh well!

Christian already trying to get to the candy under the wrapper, yum!
Beautiful Mariana with Santa! Our Ward Christmas party was themed
'the night before Christmas' so cute! Jada slipped in her footy pj's and hit her head that night
so she was not interested in sad!
Our Tradition of visiting "Dove CT." A court where everyone on the street has
went all out in different themes of decorating for Christmas! It's amazing!
We do Hot Chocolate afterwards!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Our Family picture right before we stuffed our faces and the Kingston's house! YUMMMMMM!
Christian's first Zoo Experience on Christmas Eve!
Loved it!
Our Christmas Tree! Don't know why this was the only one taken (i'm guessing by a child)
We can only do Tall and Skinny for the One place we have
available for a tree!
Sorry, Back at the Zoo! Me and my Jada girl!
Jada's Favorite thing....CANDY!! Yes, the candy canes were eaten by Christmas!

And that's the end of the MADNESS!


Summer Wilson said...

Jaycee, this is Summer (Ballard) Wilson - Janalee's SIL. Anyway, I don't know if you remember me from school, but I noticed you live in Sacramento. We just moved to Roseville about 6 months ago. Nice to know another 'Hurricanite' living in this area. We really like it here so far. I'll have to get your info so you can tell me all the fun things to do around here.

Amber said...

Cute recap! Glad to see all you beautiful people. We miss you guys :)

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