Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UPDATES JUST FOR GRANDMA! sorry for the randomness!

Christian a week old to almost 3 stud muffin!

Ailina Sari Blessing Day March 4th 

sleeping beauty (getting chunky..we love it!)

Jada is an awesome big sister!

Mariana FINALLY lost her first tooth!!

Thor and Batman combine powers!!

Easter Morning!

Dad's amazing artwork!

Crazy/Scary faces! My girls are soo fun!

Mini vacation in a suite in Sacramento

Hawaiian Princess

Toy Story 3 on Ice at Arco Arena

Jada couldn't get enough of Ailina a week old

SUPER BATMAN!(the name he gave himself)

One of his cute sleeping positions

Happy Mom of 4!!!

Not so happy #4 (love the bow!)

My other favorite cute sleeping position! 

Daddy daughter date for her 7th bday! Her first sketch book! GO Giants!

Ailina happy and wide awake!!

Days before delivery and still going strong!

Jada's daddy daughter date..slaying dragons in the park before going to the movies!

Had to get Our Amazing Daddy in there too!! So silly and yet soo attractive! ;)