Friday, January 7, 2011

Limutau Fun!

PARK DAY With Dad before the Storm arrived!
Can't tell if he's happy or scared??

This kids is something else! He's the kind of kid you have to use reverse psychology on. I'm not
good at it yet! So everything I say don't do, he does. And the more his sisters laugh at him the more he does it! And unfortunately we're always laughing at his bad behavior!
Christian James thinks he's too big for the toddler swing
and thinks he's a stud by riding on the big kid swing.
This picture is a sad reminder for me as there was an even cuter
pose of him actually smiling and I somehow managed to
accidently erase it! Grrrrr! (david was even more mad, sorry)
Is his mouth just soo big or what?
Mariana on her Daddy-Daughter Date!
I'm thinking it's time for mom to have a date, YUM!
Jada on her Daddy-Daughter Date!
(gotta love Costco)