Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christians 1st Birthday!

First Day home with Our Family!
With David being his Daddy Batman was really the only option! =)
Presents!! His curls in the back are my favorite!Eaters Regret!
My sweet son! I love him soo much! He's the most romantic 1 year old I've ever met.
Out of all my musical kids he has the best taste in music and the coolest moves!
How did I get soo lucky! ?

LIMUTAU GIRLS! their creative side!

So my girls do have a lot of dress ups but their own inventions are my favorites! Here are a few to Enjoy! Here's Mariana asleep wearing her dress ups. This is so her personality! She tells me every day that she wants to be a rock star! Who knew Mr. Potato Head and Harry Potter glasses would make such great dress ups!?