Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catch Up Time with the Limutau's!

I did the post back wards again oops! And I thought I was getting it! Oh well, more commentary at the bottom!

Christian and his lizard tongue...crazy huh! But he does look studley in his church clothes! Jada's Birthday Party with the family!
My little pony cake, YUM!
Snow Trip with the cousins..Jada and Maile are chocolate lovers!
These two are a crack up...three going on thirteen..SCARY!
(don't worry about Jada's ghetto snow clothes:)
Christian's first snow trip! He loved it!

Christian's allergic poor baby! It looked worst from the side, it was like his lips
transformed into a duck bill. We put Vaseline on his lips to stop the cracking.

Mariana's Ballerina Birthday Party~! We made Tutu's
and danced and danced! I was exhausted afterwards!
They took turns being a butterfly in the cute!
Stretching and warming up our bodies!

David took the girls on a expedition and found a scary monster's Jada shaking
the gate, fearless and wanting to go closer...
Here's what Mariana thought about getting closer ... (cracks me up)
Our Yummy Boy! (nice round head, huh!)
Mariana and Jada are bestest friends! They melt my heart!
Didn't realize this was soo blurry, sorry!

It's been an exciting Four Months in 2010.
In Jan. we found out Christian is allergic to peanuts! Jada shared her PB on a spoon with him and his top lip began to swell! It got so big it began to crack and bleed a little. Luckily it didn't stop him breathing and his tongue didn't swell up too or it would have been 911! So grateful my father in law rushed to the store for some children's benydral and him and David arrived at the house at the same time and gave Christian a Priesthood blessing. His lip began to shrink to it's normal size but it was a bit of a scare. We're hoping he grows out of it. Life without peanut butter is just a horrible thought! The doctor has prescribed an epi-pen as well...just in case! I hope I never have to use it!
In January we celebrated Jada's 3rd birthday and in February we celebrated Mariana's 5th birthday! My little girls are getting so big. Mariana is registered for kindergarten and super excited to be in school. I, on the other hand, am sad to see her grow up!
The holidays have been fun but low key as I am still trying to wrap my head around three kids etc. etc. etc.:) David and I had a really fun date this last Week. He secretly purchased tickets to one of our favorite UK bands MUSE for Christmas! So we went to dinner on the way to Oakland's Oracle Arena. It was The best concert! They are just too talented! It was a blast! We've both agreed that before we die we need to be on the floor during one of their concerts, that way we can really rock out!
Even though it's been tough being so completely out numbered with three kids I've found myself totally in love with them and thoroughly enjoying every moment we share. I feel my
life to be one huge blessing that most days I wonder how I got soo lucky and I don't deserve it!

love you all
The Limutau's