Friday, January 29, 2010

Wrapping Up a Happy Ending to 2009

We feel so blessed I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!
Along, with a New member in our Family, Our Son Christian James, we decided to sell our
cars and upgrade to a Honda Pilot, of which we still LOVE! It was worth a year long search of which kind of car we wanted to upgrade to and once we decided everything seemed to happen at the right time.
We were able to visit family on both sides of our families, which is always a treat and so much fun! First to Idaho for Davids family reunion and then in Oct. to visit mine now that all the missionaries are home. It was a blast!
But the biggest surprise to 2009 was the opportunity to purchase the home we've been renting for the past 6 1/2 years! About four years ago as the market was increasing rapidly we offered to buy the house but the owner was not ready to sell yet. Now things are so different for her and the market that she offered to sell it to us for under $100,000! Which is unheard of in Sacramento for a house that's in as good of shape as our is. What a blessing to be homeowners!! Something we had down as a goal but wasn't sure was going to happen in this awesome "buyers" market right now. I really feel Heavenly Fathers hand in our lives as we've set goals to get out of debt and faithfully have paid a full tithe all these years. Owning your home really is a self-esteem booster I think, something I wasn't expecting because I've never minded renting (you have to live somewhere, right!?)
We had a great Christmas and New Year and are Happy and Healthy! Here are a few pictures from Summer through Christmas! Enjoy
ps. I'm realizing I'm missing pictures from our Utah trip...sorry family!

The Farm in Idaho!
What is it when the guys get together the Guns all come out! Mostly I was jealous cause I missed out on the fun!

4th of July

Christians Blessing Day
Anniversary Dinner 'All you Can Eat Crab!' YUM!
Sacramento Temple Family Visit

KILLERS Concert! Sooo Fun!

Mariana's Dance Class

We found Santa before December! The best time, no lines!
49er Faithful!

Our House, minus the New Windows!
Christmas Eve at the Zoo

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!I forgot to add a picture of our Christmas Tree which is really a shame because it was the tallest, skinnest tree EVER! The top hit the ceiling! Our favorite thus far!