Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A New Way of Giving Birth...Laugh don't Push!! to begin.....Check IN: Basically I was just hoping I was at least 5cm because the contractions weren't that bad & I could tell the nurses thought I wasn't really in labor. So when the midwife told me I was between 6-7cm we were all a little surprised! She told me because he was so low the bags of water were acting as a cushion during the contractions. So all the pain I've been in this past month was worth it when it came to the Laboring part! It probably would have been a different story if my water broke! It was also crazy to think that I really was in Labor while playing the piano in primary Sunday! The worst part was finding a vain for the was WAY more painful then my took three tries! OUCH! Then the blessed Epidural was the next painful thing. I probably could have had him an hour earlier but everyone was just taking their sweet time and in the process making me laugh...which leads me to the laboring part.
My midwife was crackin me up in soo many ways but one was that she was really intimidated by my last birthing experience, which I didn't think could be topped. With Jada I had some "skid marks" but no taring and she was out in one push, with a little push for her body. So my midwives plan was to just ease him out in between contractions so he wouldn't come too fast.
So when they checked me I not only was at 10cm but his head was a "3plus" meaning on his way down the birth channel. So during all this I was still all giddy and laughing at everything not realizing this was really causing him "exit the building".  I'm in the process of telling them to tell me when to push etc. and my nurse and midwife are enthusiastically telling me what a great job I'm doing and to keep doing what I'm doing, while I'm laughing and saying I'm not doing anything...they're like then just keep laughing. I'm still at a loss why everything was soo fun and funny to me but the next thing I knew I was watching him slide right out and then I had a baby boy on my chest! So Crazy! In the past weeks I've envisioned the moment when I'd finally meet my son and how emotional I would be but I just couldn't stop from giggling and smiling I was just soo happy! My midwife was on top of the world that she beat my last record...not one mark or tare! One of the funny things we were talking/laughing about before was if Dad was going to cut the cord...I guess the cutting of the cord had lost it's wonder the third time around and I was suggested we cut it together like our wedding funny! So we did! By the way Sunday morning I made David paint my toenails since I couldn't reach them and we ended up painting his thumb nail, which luckily appeared in the cord cutting picture....gotta love it!
So now it's the first night home, first day home with three kids and I can't complain.....just that my milk has come in with a vengeance and Christian has decided to sleep through the morning... Let's just the chart Sensitive aching!
Anyway, that's my story! Once again A Positive Attitude and Laughter was the name of the game and my secret ingredient to life!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Christian James Limutau - 7 lbs. 2 oz. 20 inches long

        Our son, Christian James Limutau was born this past Sunday.  Jaycee was amazing!!!  We checked in at 4:40 p.m. and he was born at 9:03 p.m.  Jaycee will give more details later of her experience, but all I can say is it was the smoothest birth ever!!  She literally laughed him out.  It was great!  We brought him home today and so far it's been good transition.  The girls adore him and he is such a good baby.  Here are some pictures from the past couple days...

Christian and his Mommy

Christian James, just minutes after birth
Mariana giving her baby brother kisses

Jada is a big sister now and loving it!!!

crashed out on the way home
Our kids!!!!
Jada and Christian watching some TV together

Friday, May 8, 2009


So I'm trying to catch up before baby #3 arrives and I really don't have time to blog!
and chase the squirrels but we didn't get pics of that!  Enjoy pics of our family time!

Funderland! The girls have been talking about riding the carousel for weeks now. Luckily for me I can't ride so David went  like 15 times....what a good daddy!Mariana thought she was the coolest driving the car all by her self! Davids too big to fit and they wouldn't my prego self! GO SPEED RACER MARIANA!
Jada wasn't too sure about this ride....but she was all smiles when it was done!?

The giant trout at the Folsom Fish Hatchery! Jada was too scared to even stand by it! Mariana thought it was pretty cool though!

Jada however wasn't scared of the real fish .... a little to comfortable! 
This really was so fun and totally free except for the 5 cent handful of fish food!

37 weeks & feeling HUGE!

Gotta love the great photography of my very talented Husband and his messy side of the closet!Currently I'm 38 weeks going on 39! So yes, believe it or not I'm EVEN BIGGER NOW!
This kids is beating the heck out of my insides! I'll be glad to finally meet my little kick boxer!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

EASTER! Just a little late!

Easter Morning!Excited that they found their baskets!
Mariana thought putting her bunny ears on daddy was pretty darn funny! And really she's right!
Coming home from Church....Easter Sunday!

Hunting Eggs at the park with friends from our ward....Jada taking good care of Mariana's basket
Coming back to count their easter egg loot!
A chocolate CHEEEEEESE!
Mariana looks a little high with sugar in this pic! Gotta love the chocolate in the teeth!

Easter Sugar Cookies! yummmmMariana's picture taking skills!
Decorating the Cookies!