Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dancing Princess!

So I had thought I was doing pretty good but again everythings out of order! Oh Well... Enjoy Mariana's Princess Party!

Mariana's Princess Party!

The Little Princesses!! It was soo Fun!

Decorating Cupcakes!
Eating the Cupcakes! Notice...the Birthday girl is in another Dress! We go through more outfits in one day it's ridiculous! 
Mariana counting her birthday money loot!! just a little excited!

The Princess Tea Party!
Making Princess Wands!
David was sneaky and got a shot of me in my "princess" outfit, big belly and all! Gosh I look bossy in this picture, thanks David...sure appreciate cha!
Princess Katie as Sleeping Beauty!
Princess Perry as Snow White!

This was at the Family Birthday Party the day before her "Princess Party". Her crown says The Birthday Girl, it came with clip on earrings, a ring and necklace. She's been wanting earrings for awhile now but they didn't stay in very long...I guess clip ons hurt more than we thought!
Pet Shops from Grandma Tuttle and Grandma about a happy girl!
Dress Up treasure box from Her Auntie Katrina!
THE MORNING OF HER PRINCESS PARTY! Her Surprise face when we came home from getting her little make over and finding all her friends there dress as princesses too!
Getting over the shock and being VERY happy! The funny thing was as much as she wanted to be a princess EVERYTHING was too itchy and she had an  emotional breakdown just after these pictures (she refused to wear a shirt underneath to stop the stubborn!)