Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Late Valentines!

This blog goes out to our Cousins Madison and Mckenna who live in Spokane WA! We didn't get
Valentine Cards sent out this year so this is as close as we can get! Also, to all of our Aunties, Uncles, and Grandparents who sent awesome Valentines! Thanks so much!
Yes, the girls pretty much had candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I did make special homemade heart shaped muffins...soo yummy! I love

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogging Sucks!

So I've done what three posts and have come to the conclusion that blogging is not for me!  Patience with my children is one thing but I get SOOOO bugged when the preview looks one way and then you post it and it looks another... hence our Disneyland post...I spent roughly 2 hrs. on that post. I just give up! I don't have time for this crap anymore!

Thanksgiving & Disneyland 2008

                                                 Here's Goofy in California Adventures

                                               Playing in the water fixtures in November
                                                 Gotta love Southern California!
                                                     Mariana meets Mickey Mouse!!

                                                        In front of the "Princess Castle"
                                        Too bad this was the most requested ride of the day!
                                               What is it with kids and Carousels?  
                                          Below, Jada LOVED the Dumbo ride! Okay, so did mom!

Universal Studios Tour (below pic is the character from psycho, he came out of the actual motel from the movie and with much creepiness came towards the trolley as we passed by).

Behind Mariana is the wreckage from the movie War of the Worlds. It was Amazing!

The girls were more tired then hungry at lunch time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thanksgiving & Disneyland 2008 the first mess up but the info. is below the pics

Thanksgiving morning, Jada's already out!
Thanks for being patient with my slowness of catching up and catching on to blogging. Long story short Davids boss does trips every year instead of a bonus to his employees. So after cruising to Ensanada Mexcico multiples they did Universal Studios, Disneyland and California Adventure.
We stayed at the Marriott down the way from Disneyland and had a great time. Our girls were a too little to really appreciate Universal Studios & of course every ride but the tour trams were against pregnant women but Jim(his boss) hooked us up with front of the line passes and all you can eat cards. My husband was in heaven and if you do go I would totally encourage you do get them it's soo worth it! The next day we were off to Disneyland which really is MAGICAL! We did good going early for the little rides & played it smart with the fast passes available. I really loved 
California Adventure the Bug Life theme, mine and the girls favorite. All in all I think the entire trip cost us $60...THanks Jim Your the way he's in St.George coaching Dixie College Football team, just FYI!