Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Latin Weekend by Jaycee

So as most of you know I'm not the blogger in our family but maybe when I get released from being Young Women's president and I don't have 19 piano students and two active girls I hope to find some time to really enter the blogging world!!
That being said I took a really long nap today so I not only have time but energy, YAHOOO for me! Now on to what I really wanted to say...
This weekend was seriously so fun for me! My wonderful mother in law took "her girls" to a concert on Friday night at Arco Arena (like utah's Delta Center) to see her favorite latin singer,
Luis Miguel! Yea, never heard of him either but hey the tickets were free and it's always fun to have a girls night with my in-laws! Maybe some of your hubby's have heard of him if they served in South or Central America. Anyway, didn't understand too much (Coach Steve would have been highly disappointed in my spanish skills!) But Luis is seriously a hottie and has a great voice! (Yes, Luis Miguel is probably pushing 40 but HOT is HOT, right?!)
Saturday night it was my turn to plan our couples date night (we have a few friends that we don't see as often as we'd like so we plan special dates other than dinner & a movie. I decided to
sign us up for Beginning Tango at the Sacramento Ballroom!! Yes, the husbands weren't as excited as us girls were but it seems all we had to do was remind them on how the tango was highly sexual and they were in!! It was only $7 per person for the class, what a deal right? (cheaper than a movie here) WE HAD A BLAST! Personally I think my husband was the best! At least I feel like he kept his Frame up the whole time! IT WAS HOT!! Then went to midtown Sac. for some dessert and drinks!! David will hopefully post some pics. but I highly recommend to every couple to find something like this in your town. We're celebrating five years of marriage next week and two kids later I love feeling like we did when we were dating!
love always,