Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hey all, we have been SUPER busy lately with family, work, school (yes I said school...I'll have to blog about that later),callings etc... you know the drill, but I wanted to hurry and post some pics of my girls. 

Jada was sitting in a chair and eating an apple one day and I thought she looked really cute, so I snapped a few pics...

Mariana has been taking gymnastics.  Here she is looking all serious for some reason right before leaving for class.

Luckily Mariana is taking after her Dad when it comes to computers.  She loves to do activity's on the Playhouse Disney website.  I love to watch her little hand point and click.. so cute!
Again, Jada seems to be drawn to mud.  Little booger...haha

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Random Pics

Hey all, I promised Jaycee that I would post some pics of our girls so here are a few random pics.  We definitely have to take more pictures than we have been lately!  For the first time I didn't have too many to choose from.

Mariana LOVES all animals.  She pleads with us all the time now to get her a horse so she can ride it.  At least she says "please" right?

Jaycee let Jada go outside to play after the sprinklers had been on.  I'm glad to see Jada obeyed Jaycee's order to stay away from the wet area.