Sunday, July 27, 2008


I don't usually post about movies and all that stuff, but this past Monday, Jaycee and I went to The Dark Night and I must say, it is THE BEST movie I have seen in a long time. I think it may have even crept into my top 5 movies of all time. Yes, I am a Batman geek to begin with, but this movie seriously impressed me. Batman Begins was a strong start and Christopher Nolan did not let down with The Dark Night. There is tons of action, plot twists, great character development, EXCELLENT acting, and the score to the movie is absolutely beautiful and moving. Okay.... did I just type that out loud?? haha! No really, I'm a HUGE fan of Danny Elfman who did the music to the original Batman movie that Tim Burton directed, but Hans Zimmer may have topped him with this one.

Oh yes, and the whole Heath Ledger thing....I went in to the movie not really knowing what to expect because the trailer didn't show much and I didn't want to get caught up in all the hype with him passing and all that, but HE WAS BRILLIANT!!!!! He blew Jack Nicholsen out of the friggin' water with his performance as the Joker. This is kind of sad but I wasn't too torn up over his death before, but now I am because they were going to use him again in later films!!!!! BUMMER!

The other night I went and saw it for the second time with my brothers James and Kenji and some guys from our Elder's Quorum. I sent out a mass email to all the guys calling it a "scrap-booking" night since the women always have their nights when they take off for hours and leave us with the kids. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie twice in the theaters, if ever, but it was worth it.