Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

We're back in business!!!

I fixed the problem I was having and we are now again able to post pics...yay!  Now the only problem is that we have soooo many pics.  Here are a couple from December

Mariana posing in her Christmas dress
Mariana and Jada excited for Christmas
Jada's teeth finally showing themselves.  She has a bunch on the top now too
Mariana enjoying a bite from our gingerbread house
On Christmas Eve the zoo is free and as I always like to say " If it's free... it's me!!"  I'm a dork.  Mariana LOVES animals so we had a great time even though I had pulled my hamstring ad threw out my back in a football game earlier that morning.

It's a tradition of ours to go out to dove creek ct. every year and look at the Christmas lights.  This is a pic of the kids before we made our way around the court.
Let's just say Mariana wasn't a huge fan of the huge figurine of the grinch.  We are even across the street from it and she's still terrified