Monday, January 28, 2008


Sorry everyone for the lack of pictures and posts.  My computer is not letting me post pics for some reason and thats usually all I post anyway so I haven;t been posting but we are doing well.  The girls are getting big.  We just celebrated Jada's first birthday.  I can't believe she's already a year old.  She's TEENY!!!  How the heck did I end up with such small girls.  I'm sure they'll be glad they take after their Mom in that area, but I'm hoping for MONSTER sons...maybe I should just hope for A son!  
We decided to get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and let me tell you it might be the best purchase I've made in my life.  I was just glad that Jaycee was on board to get one.  We both love it and probably play ATLEAST 5 nights a week.  I got Guitar Hero III for it and I wish I could post a picture or video, but it is a blast...a little addicting... but a lot of fun.  Kenji, Katrina, Keva, James, and I played it well into the night last night after we celebrated Maile Mei's first birthday.  GOOD TIMES!  Everyone was good at playing the guitar and scissor kicking except for me.
Church basketball started a couple weeks ago and this last Saturday we played our rivals...Natomas 2nd Ward.  I call them the "Evil Empire."  As always it was a rough game and I left with a fat lip, bloody nose and two scratches on my nose that still look bloody (once again it would be nice to post pictures here)  We lost in over time...BOOOOOOOO!!!
Our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley passed last night.  I didn't really know what to think or feel last night.  I, like everyone else knew it would probably be sooner than later, but it still came as a surprise when we all started getting text messages about it last night.  The first thing I thought was that I was happy for him that he was going to see his wife.  He's been such a great example of how to live a Christ-like life and I know we are all going to miss him.  Most of us never knew him personally, or like me, never even got to shake his hand.  But I can say that I loved that man.  I know that he was a prophet.  It finally hit me today and I didn't think I would, but I cried.  Pretty hard actually.  One of the greatest memories I have of the prophet wasn't too long ago.  It was for the Sacramento temple dedication celebration at Arco Arena.  I was fortunate enough to be there and when the prophet came out you could feel the excitement and Spirit.  For a second, it seemed like everyone didn't know if it would be appropriate to clap, but all of a sudden ALL of the youth that were getting ready to perform started applauding and cheering for the prophet and the rest of the crowd joined in and it was an amazing feeling.  Everyone was crying because of that feeling.  I'll never forget it.   I'm thankful for all of his work and his counsel and testimony.