Tuesday, November 6, 2007


October is a great month. Fall begins, Halloween, and Jaycee and I have our birthdays on the 8th and 9th. As usual we had dinner with the family. Mom, Dad, Katrina, and Keva made an amazing Polynesian meal and Jacosa mad the best cake ever!! It was seriously amazing with like 6 layers or something like that. It was all SOOO good that we insisted on the same meal and cake for the rest of our birthdays. It was a great birthday and what made it even better was they all gave me money so I could get my iPHONE...YAY!!!! (yeah im spoiled but I got jaycee the new nano so Im not the only one) Here are some pics

Jaycee forgets sometimes that she needs to look at the camera and not me...hahaha...what a dork (i love you honey)

Here are some random pics. I swore I would do better at this and Im not making excuses....okay I am, but my internet wasnt working for a while okay so lay off!

Mariana decided she wanted to be Jada's horse. I think Jada enjoyed it

My girls are going to be musicians for sure!!

Just a couple of pics of me and mariana having fun with the camera