Saturday, September 8, 2007

I'll Do Better

Okay....So I have been horrible at this "blogging" thing for the past few months. I am trying to change my ways and atleast try to post pictures once a week from now on, so if your reading this feel free to give me crap if I don't. The following pictures are from the last few months.

This first one is from the 4th of July

Jaycee and Mariana wannabe thugs

We took the girls to the BEAUTIFUL Sacramento river beach (can you detect the sarcasm) Jada decided she was at an ALL YOU CAN EAT sand buffet

My girls WILL love music

Jada's been doing this "cheese" lately...we love it all gums and no eyes

Mariana with her glow in the dark Harry Potter glasses she got from her auntie Keva

Jada just waking up...she's a doll


This past weekend was a three day weekend because of labor day...YAY!!!! I dont know why we get this day off, but I love it. We weren't able to go to the ocean with the rest of the family, but we had a great time taking the girls out. We went down to feed the ducks at William Land Park. Mariana had a blast, but I think Jaycee enjoyed herself the most. What a big kid...I love it. After we fed the ducks we walked over to Funderland and Mariana was able to ride a pony and then go on some rides. The day was alot of fun and even though I missed going to the ocean with the others...I DID NOT miss the 4 hours of driving! Here are some pics of our day

The ducks surrounded us, but they were nice. The geese on the other hand...SCARY...I got a little nervous